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The defection of the Schwenkfelders, therefore, while a serious interference with the Herrnhut plan, was not allowed to ruin the project. nike air max women Zinzendorf wrote again to the Trustees, and they repeated their promise of land, provided his colonists would go at their own expense. After much consultation the decision was reached that Zinzendorf should ask for a tract of five hundred acres, and that ten men should be sent over to begin a town, their families and additional settlers to follow them in a few months. The next step was to nike air max 2003 find a way to send these men across the Atlantic. Baron George Philipp Frederick von Reck, a nephew of Herr von Pfeil, who had led the first company of Salzburgers to Georgia, was planning to take a second company in the course of the next months. He was young and enthusiastic, met Zinzendorf's overtures most kindly, and even visited Herrnhut in the nike air max turbulence early part of October, 1734, when, as it happened, nine of the prospective colonists were formally presented to the Congregation.Baron Reck was very much impressed, promised to take with him to Georgia any of the Moravians who wished to go, and even sent to David Nitschmann, who was to conduct the party as far as London, full authorization to nike air max 95 bring as many as desired to come, promising each man who went at his own expense a fifty-acre freehold in Georgia, and 19 nike air max light The Moravians in Georgia The Moravians in Georgia But Reck had failed to realize the force of the Halle opposition to Herrnhut, and soon weakened under the weight of persuasion and command laid upon him by those whose opinion he felt obliged to respect.On the 4th of November he wrote from Windhausen to Graf Stolberg Wernigerode, "I have hesitated nike air max shop and vexed myself in much uncertainty whether or not I should go with the Herrnhuters to America.And now I know that God has heard our prayer at Halle and Wernigerode, and your letters have decided me to stay in Germany this winter, in the first place because my going would be a grief to my dear Urlsperger, whom I love as a father nike air max wright , secondly because the English will send over a third transport of Salzburgers in the coming spring and wish me to take them, and thirdly because I wish to obey worthy and chosen men of God." He wrote to the same effect to Zinzendorf, and the Count, though doubtless annoyed, replied simply:"Your Highness' resolution to accomodate yourself to your superiors would be known by us all for right. You will then not blame us if we go our way as it is pointed out to us by the Air Max 2011 Lord." A few days later Reck received a sharp note from the Trustees of Georgia nike air max women , reproving him for his temerity in agreeing to take the Moravians with him to Georgia without consulting them, and reiterating the statement that the funds in their hands had been given for the use of the Salzburgers, and could be used for them alone.


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